Quality Control Inspector


Somerset, NJ


Quality Control

Job Type



3rd Shift - 11pm-7am

Job Brief

Performs and Documents routine testing on incoming materials, in process and finished products. Reject product in non-conformance. Report food safety and quality problems to Plant Management and SQFP to initiate action. Instructions shall be available setting out how all tasks critical to meeting customer specifications; the maintenance of food safety, quality, and process efficiency is to be performed.


  • Report food safety and quality issues to Plant management and SQFP
  • Follow PIM Brands GMP rules
  • Monitor fellow employees for adherence to GMP’s.
  • Ability to work additional hours as needed

Mogul Inspector:

  • Perform required testing at Moguls
    • Temperature of product at different stages of production
    • Perform Brix (refractometer) analysis
    • Perform pH analysis (pH meter)
    • Perform organoleptical testing for colors and flavors
    • Obtain samples of starch, product after curing, and bulk retains for laboratory analysis
    • Performs calibration of pH meter and refractometer
    • Gather samples for retain and Microbiology
    • Perform visual, sponge swab, and ATP testing after equipment is cleaned and sanitized.
    • Document all results in the computer
    • Maintain QC station and carts:
      • Cleanliness, stocked with supplies such as functioning equipment, cups, and paper towels
    • Release bulk within specification; reject with disposition any product out of specification

Packaging Inspector:

  • Perform metal detector test to assure its proper function
  • Record Temperature and Relative Humidity of the Packaging room
  • Weigh pouch samples for all machines and document in the computer
  • Verify that all codes and expiration dates are correct. Verify that all pouches and cases coincide with each other and product packaged
  • Verify Empty Pouch Reject System
  • Reject any product out of specification
  • Approve or reject reworked items

Panning Room Inspector:

  • Perform and Record Temperature and Relative Humidity of different areas
  • Record the temperature of the product at different stages
  • Weigh pieces of product before and after coating.
  • Record the weight of cases packaged
  • Perform the metal detector test
  • Gather samples for retain, Microbiology, and laboratory analysis
  • Reject any product out of specification
  • Verify Critical Control Points and Critical Quality Points

Shipping & Receiving Inspector:

  • Inspect all incoming materials including Raw Materials, Packaging Materials, and R&D Materials.
  • Verify that the Certificate of Analysis is provided by the Supplier and FDA documents have been released for imported products.
  • Record dates, Item # and Descriptions, Lot#, Supplier, Characteristics, MFG and EXP dates, PO#, receiving #, truck/trailer/container# and Certificate of Analysis in logs.
  • Release or Reject in the ERP Infor M3 system.


  • High School Diploma or GED is strongly preferred, Associate’s Degree in science discipline preferred.
  • Basic math and general knowledge of Microsoft Office is preferred.
  • General knowledge of GMP’s, HACCP, SQF and ERP systems preferred.
  • High degree of accuracy in performing analysis
  • Ability to read, speak, and write English is required

Employee Benefits

We offer a comprehensive, flexible employee benefits package that includes medical and dental coverage, life insurance, an employer-matched 401(K) plan, vacation and PTO time, discretionary bonus and of course CANDY!

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