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Original Gummi FunMix®

NEW Original Gummi FunMix® is a “party in a bag” with a mix of more than 60 unique shapes, sizes and flavors across six exciting varieties! Gummi Party® includes up to 18 varieties of gummi bears, worms and sharks, as well as swirled gummies and gummi cherries in endless flavors. Sour Party® is an assortment of up to 16 varieties including filled ropes, belts, gummi worms, bears and more. Soda Pop Party® has six true-to-life flavors of soda pop bottle-shaped gummies that everyone loves. Seriously Sour® has up to 17 types of super sour sanded gummies. And Fruit Rings Party features six yummy varieties of gummi fruit rings. Mix it Up, Mash it Up, Live it Up® with New Original Gummi FunMix®!

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